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Private CyberSecurity Contractors

At HoneyPots, where captor meets creative, we devise and execute specially crafted and master planned operations devised to ensnare and provide invaluable intelligence to fight adversary.

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What Our Services Can Do For You

Not all hackers wear hoodies, but they do when they’re at the gym. We use Emotional, Social & Cultural Social factors to find & follow your target.

Rapid deployment
Web application
Android apps development
Shell based development
Jailbreak & iOS Development
Perfect UX/UI design
E-commerce honey pots
Backward design intel

Our Services

Cyber Operations (Network/Digital/Hardware)

Simple to Complex Software and NetSec Honeypots. IoT Honeypot Creation & Detection.

Human, Social & Multi-Vertical HoneyPots

Boots on the ground, human crafted & executed, professional plans to find attackers using wit.

Custom Tailored & Private Long Term Solutions

We run some of the most sophisticated forms of intelligence gathering. Some software has been running for almost a decade.

Confide in Privacy

Meet with us in person, or via encrypted voice & video call to discuss long term solutions for your business, enterprise, or policy.

Made by People for People

We are experts in human interaction, influence, and empathy. Some of our proudest and most cunning honeypots incorporate years and years of historical, unfakeable sources of intelligence.

Complete Turn-Key Solutions

Are you searching for a complete solution for a specific task? We can expertly guide your team to achieve task outcome in your organisations' goals.

We Live Ahead of The Internet Fringe

Where most organizations struggle to excel in staying ahead of the eliptic curve, we seed and organise ourselves before trends even occur. You have to be a hacker to catch a hacker.


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Latest News from Us

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September 28, 2019

axi0mX Releases BOOTROM Exploit for Every iPhone Ever Made

Now the most read post on /r/jailbreak ever, axi0mX has publically released a bootrom exploit into the wild. A Boot ROM exploit means exploiting the read-only data that is read on boot and cannot be edited, until now: Researchers and developers can use it to dump SecureROM, decrypt keybags with AES engine, and demote the

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August 21, 2019

iOS 12.4 Jailbreak Hacker – 100+Day Exploit Used – Cause by Apple

This week, @Pwn20wnd jailbroke iOS 12.4 which is the latest version of Apple iPhone Operating System (iOS). There are two absolutely unbelievable things that happened with this Jailbreak. First, what makes this Jailbreak so monumental, is that iOS 12.4 is currently the only signed version of iOS available to upgrade, downgrade, or restore your iOS